Hook Attachments

Grabs and Tongs

Grabs and tongs may be suitable for manual use by an operator or have a device for semi automatic load locking or release. There are many basic designs for handling slabs, steel, concrete blocks, drums, bales and reels. Alternatively the grabs and tongs may be specially designed to suit a particular product or application.

Lifting and Spreader Beams

Each beam is individually designed for the specific application. On receipt of detailed information we will recommend the best type of top and bottom attachments for the beam. lifting beams are compact and have low headroom dimensions where space is limited. Spreader beams have chains or wire rope between the top attachment and the beam to give improved balance and load distribution.

'C' Hooks

'C' hooks are suspended from overhead lifting equipment for handling items such as coils, reels, concrete pipes and other loads where it may be difficult to use external lifting aids but there is an internal bore or gap. They are counterbalanced with weights or a spring balance.

Plate Clamps

Universal clamps for lifting plate or angled steel sections, ideal for construction or fabrication work. Girder clamps for heavy steel industry use, allows heavy beams to be safely handled and turned through 90 degrees with the web or flange in a vertical plane. Horizontal clamps are available as twin-cam, swivel toe, sheet bundle, etc. F4le lifting clamps specially designed for pitching steel piling. Attachment is simple and a quick release facility exists, operated by a rope from ground level.

Your requirements

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