Industrial Hydraulic Equipment

Manual and Powered Hydraulic PumpManual and Powered Hydraulic Pumps

Manual hydraulic pumps provide portable power for pulling, pushing, bending and jacking equipment. A variety of models can be supplied including single or two speed for use with single or double acting cylinders, electric, petrol or air systems cover the majority of applications. These range from general engineering to hazardous and explosive working conditions. They all provide reliable load holding faculties.

Hydraulic RamsHydraulic Rams

A wide range of energy packed detachable hydraulic rams are available in many shapes and sizes. lifting capacities are from 500 Kgs to 200 tonnes.

Hydraulic JacksHydraulic Jacks

Optimum safety, reliability and a high power to weight ratio are provided by this sophisticated and well engineered range of jacks. Claw jacks are easily identified by their extended bases and detachable claws. They are the most popular of the range fulfilling many alternative requirements, such as normal lifting on head or low clearance lifts with claws attached. Screw ram jacks are the same design as heavy duty jacks, with the advantage of a mechanical locking ram. Light duty small jacks With lifting capacities of up to 15 tonnes, incorporate integral factory set safety valves to prevent overloading. Standard heavy duty jacks provide a variety of models ranging from 20 to 100 tonne capacity.

Hydraulic Head and Toe Jacks

These jacks provide an enclosed heavy duty steel claw which eliminates damage from off centre loads. With a capacity of 5000 Kgs and ail the usual safety features, the jacks are ideally suited to the most arduous working conditions.


Hooks are readily available up to 25 tonnes and higher capacities can also be supplied to suit almost any load. Hooks can have plain shanks or an eye and can be fitted with a swivel assembly. lightweight hooks such as carbine or snap hook can also be supplied for a range of loads.


Dee and bow shackle are often the vital link used for lifting, pulling and securing attachments throughout every type of industry Both high tensile steel and high load alloy shackles are normally supplied with screwed eye pins. Alternatively hexagon heads with nuts, square heads or counter sunk are also available.


Collar or dynamo eye bolts are available for many different uses. Dynamo eyebolts make provision for vertical lifts only if used in pairs, a spreader frame is required. A range of capacities are available up to 10 tonnes. Collar eye bolts are suitable for angled lifts (ie. two-leg stings) recommended not to exceed 45 degrees from vertical. Capacities are up to 25 tonnes. Eye nuts and bow nuts are also available in a number of sizes and capacities details on request.

Wire Rope Grips

Also referred to as bulldog grips. Used with thimbles, they provide an efficient means of producing an open eye termination. Standard sizes accommodate wire diameters between 6mm and 56mm. larger sizes are also available. Commercial grips. non-tested, are often used for lashing and fencing applications.

Rigging and Straining Screws

Also known as turnbuckles, available with eye, hook, yoke or thimble termination, or a combination to suit a particular application. Used for tensioning and straining guys, lashings, rigging, fencing, etc.

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