Lifting Slings

Chain SlingChain Slings

Grade 80 alloy chain combined with hooks, rings and other lifting components give a comprehensive range of sling options. Each chain sling is assembled to suit individual requirements. Single, two. three and four leg sling configurations are popular but specials can also be supplied. Please contact us for further information, sizes, safe working loads. etc, Manufacturers data sheets are also available on request.

Wire Belt Slings

Wire bolt slings are ideal for rough or hazardous working conditions where it is an advantage to spread the load over a greater area and reduce the possibilities of damaging either the sling or load. They are available in various widths with working loads up to 5 tonnes in a straight pull.

Round Slings

High tenacity polyester fibre round slings are exceptionally lightweight and provide extremely high tensile strength. Growing in popularity, round slings have gained industry a flexible and versatile means of safe slinging. Round slings are colour coded with standard capacities ranging from 1000 Kgs to 12000 Kgs.

Chain SlingFlat Belt Webbing Slings

Single ply, double ply and endless webbing slings offer the same flexibility as round slings, with the added advantage of spreading the load over a greater surface. Webbing widths vary from 25mm to 300mm with straight pull working loads between 500 Kgs and 12000 Kgs.

Wire and Fibre Rope Slings

These materials provide a well proven method of slinging with a range of rope diameters and construction according to the lifting capacity required. A good selection of end fittings are available including soft or thimble eyes.

Your requirements

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