Manual Equipment

Hand Operated Chain BlockHand Operated Chain Blocks

Their convenience and versatility has been proven and developed in all areas of industry over many years. Numerous models are now available, from lightweight 500 Kgs to heavy duty multiple fall hoists with lifting capacities up to 50 Tonnes. Heights of lift can arranged to suit each specific requirement. Safety hooks are fitted as standard.

Lever HoistsLever Hoists

Lever hoists are available with link or roller chain. Capacities range from 750 Kgs to 12000 Kgs, with 3000 Kgs being the most popular model. Numerous types of site application provide portable muscle for lifting, pulling, dragging, positioning and securing. Used in an inverted and angled position, lever hoists are indispensable when space is restricted.

Push/Pull Runway TrolleyPush/Pull Runway Trolleys

Runway trolleys may be rigidly built into manual and electric hoists or alternatively they can be supplied separately for hook suspension hoists or other appliances such as welding sets. Although trolleys are pre-set to suit the flange size of the runway they can easily be dismantled and the width adjusted to suit most other standard beams.

Geared Runway Trolleys

For loads that have to be controlled with accuracy or are too heavy to be handled manually, there are chain operated hand geared trolleys. The hand chain can be set at any distance below the runway to give the operator effortless movement.

Adjustable Runway ClampAdjustable Runway Clamps

Runway clamps provide a quick efficient form of static beam attachment. There are two types of runway clamp: Scissor type beam gripping or manually tightened with a screw adjustment.

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