Miscellaneous Handling

Load Moving SkateMachine Skates

These are mainly used in the installation and removal of various types of heavy machinery.


Fork Lift Attachments

Several different types of attachment can be designed and manufactured to simply locate on to existing fork trucks. One popular attachment has a swivel hook as shown on the illustration. Other fork lift attachments include fixed and adjustable jib extensions and carpet booms.

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks can be found in all areas of industry from supermarkets to construction sites, breweries to airports, factories, hospitals and hotels. Initially designed to move palletised goods, they have been adopted to lift and carry almost everything imaginable. Models are available from 1000 Kgs to 2500 Kgs with 2000 Kgs being the most popular. Other refinements include steel or nylon castors, single or tandem rollers, and a choice of fork lengths and widths. High lift pallet trucks operating on a simple scissor action are especially useful for workshop applications providing lifts up to 800mm.

Trucks and Bogies

A wide variety of trucks and and trolleys exist to help and assist in the movement of awkward loads, such as four wheel trolleys with a steering facility, six wheel trucks, pipe bogies, flat top turntable trucks and numerous types of sack truck.

Roller Crowe Bars and Pinch Bars

They provide that extra leverage required for lifting and shifting heavy plant or machinery. They are often used in conjunction with machine shifting skates.

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