Pulling / Lifting MachinePulling / Lifting Machines

Exceptionally adaptable, one man operated, lightweight and portable, they can be applied to every industry from construction, agriculture, recovery, transport and maintenance, right through to marine and leisure. There are several models ranging from 500 Kgs to 3200 Kgs lifting S.W.L. or 5000 Kgs pulling capacity. All capacities can be increased by incorporating the use of multiple sheave blocks. (further details on request).

Hand Operated WinchHand Operated Winches

Uses for hand winches vary from machine moving and sports halls to transporter and construction applications. Their construction can range from lightweight to extremely robust. Hand winches can be wall or base mounted with line pulls from 45 Kgs up to 5 tonnes. Operating handles may be front or side mounted. Various lengths of wire rope can be fitted depending on the drum capacity.

Powered Winches

Electric winches for lightweight and heavy duty applications, from small 12 volt to large construction winches with 3 phase, 440 volt electrical supply. Diesel winches are a self-contained unit that can be extremely useful for site construction work, shipping or rail applications. Air operated winch complete the range and provide an alternative powered winch for rough and hazardous environments.

Wire Rope and Snatch Blocks

Sheave blocks are available with single, double or treble sheaves. Single sheaves are often referred to as snatch blocks, generally used to change the direction of lift or pull. They are available with an open and close safety gate for efficient assembly. When considering an application the following should be taken Into account: the wire diameter and length, the book or eye attachment, with or without a swivel and the required lifting or pulling capacity.

Your requirements

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