Conductor Bar Systems

Conductor bar systems are used for the electrification of mobile equipment. Conductor bar is a safe, economical and low maintenance way to solve mobile electrification requirement. Systems can be designed to accommodate 60 to 800 amperes.

Depending on the application there are various options and accessories that can be custom engineered for your conductor bar system. Portions of the system can be pre-assembled at the factory to help ease installation. Conductor bar can be found on overhead crane runways, hoists, trolleys, conveyors, port cranes and people movers.

We use two of the leading manufacturers of Conductor Bar Systems:

Conductix Wampfler LinkCONDUCTIX-WAMPFLER: The world specialist in Power and Data Transfer Systems, Mobile Electrification, and Crane Electrification Solutions.

SIMBAL LinkSIMBAL: Supplier of remote radio control and higher capacity conductor systems.

Below you will find details relating to the conductor bar systems we currently supply and install:

Conductix Safelec

  • Insulated conductor bars; finger safe up to IP 2
  • 60 to 800 Amp conductors in Standard or Medium Heat cover
  • Cover shaped to shed water and dust
  • Horizontal conductors with contact from underside
  • Bar length: 4.5 metres; systems up to 150 metres without expansion sections
  • Reduced and simple maintenance. Safe-Lec 2 is UL Listed.

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Conductix Cluster Bar

  • Compact conductor bar system; 19.1 mm (.75”) minimum spacing between bars.
  • For small cranes, material handling applications, and automated storage/retrieval systems
  • Finger-safe (IP2 rating)
  • Able to accommodate small bend radii for curved systems and slip rings
  • Can be mounted for bottom or lateral entry. CSA Listed.

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Mobilis Elite Multi-Pole Conductor System

Mobilis 'ELITE' is a high quality multi-pole conductor system available in either 4 pole or 5 pole configuration The use of copper conductors in all intensities (40, 60, 100, 130 & 200 Amp) provides improved conductivity hence reducing the problems of voltage drop on longer installations. The cellular structure of the PVC enclosure provides a strong profile and ensures true 'finger-proof' security with IP23 compliance, standard systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications in ambient temperatures from -20 degC to +55 degC, and for use at either high or low levels.

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Mobilis Movit Single-Pole Conductor System

Mobilis Movit

Mobilis 'MOVIT' is a high performance single pole bar system featuring aluminium conductor bars with stainless steel contact surfaces. This combination provides a product with the excellent conductivity of stainless steel while maintaining a light weight system at a competitive price.

The system is available in intensities of 315, 450 and 630 Amps making it the ideal solution for many different applications including large overhead cranes, people movers and fairground rides. The rigid structure of the PVC enclosure provides true finger proof security and the standard system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. With bar centres of only 50mm, the compact design not only minimises space requirements but also reduces voltage drop due to its low line impedence.

As with Mobilis 'ELITE' one of the key features of Mobilis 'MOVIT' is the ease of assembly and installation due to the use of clip on components such as hangers and joint covers with no requirement for special tools.

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