Control Pendants

A complete line of pendant controls is available to control overhead cranes, hoists, conveyors and other mobile equipment. Pendants are custom made and can have 2 to 12 buttons with 3 speeds. The controls are ergonomically designed for easy operation with one hand. Enclosures are made of impact resistant plastic.

We use two of the leading manufacturers of Control Pendants:

SIMBAL LinkSIMBAL: Supplier of remote radio control and higher capacity conductor systems.

SIMBAL LinkSCHNEIDER ELECTRIC: Merlin Gerin & Telemecanique products now known as Schneider Electric. The leading manufacturer of pendant stations and crane solutions.

Below you will find details relating to the control pendants we currently supply and install:

SIMBAL are an officially appointed distributor for the MAFELEC range of control pendants and switches. The range includes control pendants with between 2 and 14 command buttons, with or without mushroom head emergency stop and green start buttons. Pendants can also be fitted with a variety of switches, lights & key switches. Also available are panel mount control switches, buttons and mushroom head emergency stop buttons

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Schneider Electric: XAC Medium Duty Pendant Stations

Telemecanique XAC pendant stations for medium or heavy duty applications are available as standard preassembled units, empty enclosures for you to populate, or factory modified (5 day lead time) to meet your specufucations. XAC pendant control stations are specifically designed for lifting and handling applications. They enable direct control of motors and can be used for direct motor switching. Made of high impact thermoplastic, XAC pendant stations are double insulated to help protect against electric shock.

  • UL listed, CSA approved, carries CE marking
  • Shock and corrosion resistant
  • NEMA 4, 4X, 5
  • 1 and 2 speed models
  • Double iInsulated
  • CE Declaration of Conformity

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Schneider Electric: Type SKYP Heavy Duty Pendant Stations

The newly redesigned Square D, type SKYP series B pendant station are built to withstand the abuse of heavy duty applications. Made of high impact polycarbonate material, the type SKYP series B are the strongest and most ergonomic pendant control stations we have ever built..

  • All SKYP series B pendant enclosures are rated NEMA 1, 3, 4, 4X and 13 water-tight, dust-tight, oil-tight and corrosion resistant
  • No protective boots required
  • Rounded ergonomic enclosure style is east to grip and provides more internal wiring space
  • UL listed, CSA approved, carries CE marking
  • Meets UL 94-5V flammibility rating •Lifetime enclosure warranty

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Schneider Electric: Type BW Standard Duty Pendant Stations

The Square D type BW pendant station is a pre-assembled, 2 button station well suited for standard hoist applications. Oversized finger grips on the rear of the enclosure make it easy to grip and operate.

  • Made of high impact thermoplastic with self-extinguishing flammability rating (UL 94V-O
  • NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X and 13 water-tight, dust-tight, oil-tight and corrosion resistant
  • UL listed, CSA approved, carries CE marking

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