Festoon Cable Systems

Festoon systems are used to electrify various types of mobile equipment. They can be designed not only to support and protect flat and round electrical cables, but air and water hoses as well. Need help assembling the festoon system? Systems can be pre-assembled at the factory to ease installation and reduce time. Festoon systems are typically used on overhead cranes, port cranes, refuse cranes and other material handling applications.

We use two of the leading manufacturers of Festoon Cable Systems:

Conductix Wampfler LinkCONDUCTIX-WAMPFLER: The world specialist in Power and Data Transfer Systems, Mobile Electrification, and Crane Electrification Solutions.

SIMBAL LinkSIMBAL: Supplier of remote radio control and higher capacity conductor systems.

Below you will find details relating to the festoon cable systems we currently supply and install:

Conductix: Supertrak

  • 20kg capacity per trolley dependent on hanger configuration
  • A choice of steel, brass or plastic trolleys and wheels
  • New advanced design jointing sleeve, which eliminates joint misalignment problems, provides positive locking, resists vibrations, and is easily assembled without tools
  • Simple but effective single bolt suspension system
  • Cost effective, high quality performance
  • Available in straight lengths or curved sections, down to 1m in radius •Available in stainless steel for corrosive environments

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Conductix: System 30 - C-Track Festoon System

  • 30kg capacity per trolley
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Economical
  • Easily installed
  • High quality and performance
  • Readily transported
  • Safe application

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Conductix: System 40 - Diamond-shaped festoon track system

  • •40kg capacity per trolley •Ideal for dusty environments
  • Strong mechanical design enables systems up to 300m long with a single tow trolley
  • Can incorporate track switching facility
  • Supplied in straight lengths or curved to 1m radius
  • Can be used as a mechanical handling system for individual loads
  • Alternatively available in stainless steel •Maximum speed: 100m per minute in straight runs

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Simbal: C-Rail Festoon Cable Systems

Our C-Rail cable carrying systems are available with 4 different track profiles and are selected depending on weight of cable, length of travel, duty cycle and machine travel speed. SL100 & SL200 are the ideal economical solution for standard duty cable & hose carrying systems whilst SL300 & SL400 are more suited to larger systems carrying multiples of large section cables. Standard profiles are manufactured from galvanised steel, although stainless steel options are available for special applications

SL100 C-Rail System

SL100 C-Rail System. The SL100 system is the ideal solution for applications using Flatform or Round cables, typical uses include power feeds to hoists, factory cranes and pendant control systems. They can also be used to carry hoses for air, water, etc.

SL200 C-Rail System

SL200 C-Rail Systems The extra strength of the SL200 section, combined with a larger range of trolleys than SL100 allows multiple cables to be carried without incurring the extra expense of the much larger systems. Components and trolleys are available to allow loading up to 20 kg per trolley with track support centres of 1500mm.

SL300 C-Rail System

SL300 C-Rail Systems. The SL300 C-Rail system is based around a heavy duty (40mm x 35mm) track section and a comprehensive range of components and trolleys with carrying capacities of up to 30kg per trolley.

A selection of trolley lengths is available to cater for multiples of flatform or roundform cables & hoses. Also available are special trolleys with pivoted cable saddles to accomodate cable side swing.

SL400 C-Rail System

SL400 C-Rail Systems. The SL400 C-Rail system is based around a very heavy duty (49mm x 44mm) track section and is particularly suited to arduous duty applications such as container and steelworks cranes. A range of trolleys and components are available with trolley capacities up to 80kg

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Simbal: Catenary Wire Festoon Cable Systems

Catenary wire systems are a simple and very economical method of supplying power to small travelling machines with linear travel. Systems are available for lengths up to 40 meters with trolleys to carry either round or flatform cable

Catenary Wire systems (5mm & 8mm wire)

Catenary Wire Festoon Systems feature a series of trolleys running along a nylon coated wire rope which is tensioned between two points using a turnbuckle arrangement at each end. The trolleys are fitted with cable clips which are available to suit both flatform and roundform cables. Wire sizes available are 5mm and 8mm diameter, with selection depending on weight of cable or hose to be carried and length of system.

Catenary Wire System

The round cable clips are also suitable for use with air or water hose. The trolleys are fitted with either nylon or steel wheels and all feature stainless steel axles, special systems with stainless steel ropes and trolleys are available for particularly corrosive atmospheres.

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