Safety Equipment

Safety HarnessHarnesses

Absolutely essential when either working at elevated positions or gaining access to subterranean installations. Several versions are available, catering for low-risk general purpose use to high risk multi-purpose applications. All harnesses provide for easy adjustment, are designed to be tight and comfortable to wear, and offer minimal interference to mobility. They are usually manufactured from nylon webbing which is well known for its elasticity and shock absorbant properties. Only non corroding metal fittings are used.

Multi-purpose Harnesses

These are full harnesses identified by thigh straps which are attached to, or an integral part of, the shoulder straps. A facility for leaning is provide by static 'D' rings which are attached to each side of the harness. Provision is made for full suspension, in some cases by a single static 'D' ring in the centre of the back or adjustable chest and dorsal 'D' rings. This type of harness is ideal when there is a high risk of failing. In such cases we recommend the use of a tall arrest device as opposed to a static safety line.

Fall Arrest BlockFall Arrestors and Rescue Blocks

Advantages include increased mobility by extending the safety lanyard working distance as well as restricting the possible fall distance by automatically locking at a pre-set velocity, therefore reducing shock loading on the user to an acceptable level. Should a fall occur the unit must be serviced and reset, there is usually a visual warning indicator on the assembly to indicate such action is required. In certain instances the user may be prevented from returning themselves to a safe position. Should this situation be likely a Rescue Block must be used. The rescue block maintains the same features as the fall arrester with the added facility of a ratchet operated winch handle. This addition allows an independent observer to safely retrieve the distressed user. Man riding winches, davits and tripods are also available.

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